Pressure Resistance 63 Gauge Stretch Film For Building Materials

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AEP Stretch Film Hillas Packaging

Call us now to order AEP Stretch Film. stocks a wide selection of industrial and packaging;Stretch. AEP Stretch Film division is the leading stretch film company in North America innovation size;Shop Great Stuff Polyurethane Foam Pond & Stone Insulating Sealant Black 12 oz.();Buy AEP HW-1880 Hand Wrap Stretch Film, Standard Performance, HW Series, 18 Inch, 80 Gauge, 1500 Feet at;Black Polythene 250 micron 4m (38). Clear polythene sheeting (65).  2m Wide Clear Polythene Plastic Sheeting Heavy Duty, 250 Micron / 1000 Gauge.