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FDA gives OK for company's genetically engineered potato

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A potato genetically engineered to resist the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine is as safe as any other potato on the market, the Food and Drug Administration says.There is no evidence that genetically modified;*Machine Stretch Film- Our machine pallet stretch wrap is offered in true standard gauged film as well as pre stretched and equivalent film.  Vented stretch film is an 80 gauge stretch film with die-cut holes allowing products to breathe when;• SF1 has high pre-stretch while preventing breaks during the wrap cycle and spills during transportation. Differential cling for reduced ability for load sticking together. High quality cast film. –– Available in gauges from 50 to 120.;MAX1™: This multi-layer ultra-high performance blown machine film provides ultimate resistance to puncture and tear. With a great outside slip, it has a pre-stretch of 200-275%, and is available in 50 to 120 gauge.;The TOWIE cast went for a Hollywood style festive party as they celebrate the holidays in Essexmas special;Essex survive for a draw in Cardiff despite early Glamorgan pressure, with opener Nick Browne leading their resistance.

Blown vs. Cast How is stretch film made?

Film gauge, pre-stretch capability, puncture resistance, tear propagation and other performance characteristics are examples of the specs which the film experts will consider with you as they help to select a film.;A pre-stretched eighty gauge film.  Pre-stretch- Stretching the film before applied to loads. Pre-stretch films can result in improved load integrity and lower packaging costs.;Uses are comparable to 80 gauge stretch film, but it has increased strength. Commonly used for heavier boxes and bundling products.  White Paper—Choosing Stretch Film, p. 6. Jobs that make the most sense for pre-stretched film are those