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Silage stretch. Agricultural packaging. Horticulture. Product range;Trioplast is the market leader;Silage Stretch Film * Brief: We are experienced producers of the silage wrap in China. Quality is our;Environment Canada says Metro Vancouver is in for at least a week of unseasonably hot and dry weather. The mercury begins to climb Thursday with highs of 18 degrees C, 22 degrees C inland, and then spikes on Friday. The UV index for Thursday is;A donkey that spent five hours trapped in a deep water-filled storm drain ended up there after metal thieves stole the cover, a stable owner says.;3D Decorative Film--ANTI-UV: Provide 99% U.V. protection, unaffected by heat.Anti-UV Glass Film Colorful Glass Film Transparent Window Rabbitgoo 3D Window Films Privacy Film Static Decorative Film Non-Adhesive Heat Control Anti UV 17.7In.;The transparent Sun Visor ( Sun Cap ) protects your face from 99% of the sun's UV ( ultra-violet rays ).  Better quality materials for better protection. Visor: Polycarbonate film UV protection and clear sight.

Anti-ultraviolet Wearproof Transparent LCD Screen

The protective film features anti-ultraviolet, wearproof and transparent design, so it not only cannot affect your visual effect, can but also well protect the LCD screen and extend its life.;***Silage Bag/Grain Bags ***Stretch Film/Pallet Wrap Film ***Pallet Net Wtap About more detailed;G15 is a contact corrosion inhibitor for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It forms highly polar microscopic platelets which produce a unique “fish ;VCI2000® offers a large selection of VCI Packaging products such as: VCI bags VCI Gusseted bags, Shrink & Stretch VCI Papers, VCI Emitters and VCI systems